Monday, April 4, 2016

Women in the Arts

I remember that I once went to an event at MFA called "Women in the Arts", this event was for "recognize women's history month and celebrate women in the arts". I did some researches of female artists after I went back to home. Since the late 1960s, when the feminist art movement can be said to have emerged, women have been particularly interested in what makes them different from males.

What makes women artists and their art different from male artists and their art? For me, there are always have differences and controversy in the world of art, but there is nothing to do with gender. To influence a piece of art work, gender is obviously not the only reason to distinguish male to female. The personality, the experiences of life, even the families, these elements are significant to one's art works.

"Female Artists Are (Finally) Getting Their Turn" is an article that posted on the website of the New York Times, in which talking about the female artists struggling to participate in the male-dominated art world, and now, they are finally got people's attentions. There are a numerous of great female artists around the world, they and their works should not be buried.

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