Monday, April 18, 2016

The collaborative piano music festival

  Nowadays people pay more attention on collaborative piano, not only piano solo.
I think collaborative piano it's really important. Because they need to play with other people. Since like very easy but there has a lot of things need to learn. And there has a lot of music right festival or compition around the word. But I don't think there has too many only for collaborative piano one. In past year, there has a collaborative piano music festival in Beijing. The very first collaborative piano festival. This it's really good news. People let collaborative piano become famous.

  During the festival there has competition and master class. In the past time some time the concert they can free to go but in this festival they need ticket. and the student who attend and sign up for this festival they can play with strings, clarinet etc. This is really good things for Chinese student because in nowadays in Conservtory there has not very clear one. Some people they call accpomny but thought this music festival they made people know this it's not "accompany", they have a name is collaborative piano.