Monday, April 4, 2016

Wikipedia project

An old teacher of mine, Ah Young Hong, has performed prolifically on the East Coast. She has performed with such groups as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Tempeste di Mare, Harmonious Blacksmith, Opera Vivente, and the Bay Atlantic Symphony. Her repertoire ranges from Monteverdi, to Mozart, to Poulenc. Recently she is in high demand as a soloist after premiering “On the Threshold of Winter”, a monodrama by composer Michael Hersch. She has since performed other works by the same composer, and has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, IONARTS, The Washington Post, and IONARTS. Upcoming performances in new music will include Babbitt’s “Philomel” with Lex54 Concerts in New York City, and the premier of Michael Hersch’s “A Tower in Air” as part of the Christopher Middleton Memorial Concert in London, UK.

I decided to write my wikipedia article on Ah because I think it’s important to highlight and publicize musicians who are currently performing and championing new works. Many of the current singers and instrumentalists we see publicized are performers of traditional classical music and opera, and we tend to side step musicians’ accomplishments in new music. As stated above (supported by several sources), Ah is now in high demand as a direct result of her work with Michael Hersch. I feel that it is important for her, and other musicians like her, to have representation in media and academia.

For this project I will be referring to:

Ah Young Hong as a direct source

Ah Young Hong’s personal website (

And the Lex54 concert series website (!catalog/c24vq)

Other sources will also be consulted