Tuesday, April 19, 2016

News from the Front

One of my friend is an organizer of an art organization that helping the children who have autism in China. This organization has been started since 2011, and everyone in this group is either the current students or the graduated students of Central Conservatory of Music. They are from different majors, share the different experiences and background of music. One thing, however, they have agreed and aimed for is to communicate and interact with the autism children by used music. 

I did not noticed this art organization when they were actually gave few concerts already at different places until someday my friend came to me and asked me if I could write a piece, which easily to engaged with children and those people who does not have the professional music background, which means instead of dissonant sounds, I need to write something purely melodic. I am stumped when I got start to work on it. Because all the time I have been working on the music that either for academic purpose or something related to academically, but ultimately, I finished the piece and went to the concert few weeks later. I have to say that I was influenced by this concert more than I expected. 

In most cases people go to concerts and touched by music works or the performers, but in this time, I was deeply touched by the audiences who attended to this concert. These audiences, these children and their parents, they might do not even know who is Mozart or who wrote the fifth symphony. They was so engaged with the music, which just wrote by the college students, like me. I mean I could not did the better job than Beethoven, but those children’s faces told me that they liked the every single notes of these pieces. As a composer, of course I wish the audiences could like my music, but I also knew that I just could not matched all types of tastes. That is why I was pretty depressed for a long time just because I could not figured out what is the meaning for me to compose a piece. I mean at school, I got teachers and many due days to pushed me move forward, but what about after I graduate. I need to find a powerful point that could continue support me to stick with my music career. 

This art organization that my friend launched is connected by the people who like music and they want to help people with music, no matter whether they have the professional background. Sometimes when we are working on one thing for a really long time, we start to forgot the reason why we start it at the first time and where would this thing bring us to. The classical music might started since Bach or even earlier, and now we are in some kind of “Contemporary classical music” period, and who knows what is the next period of music will come? In fact, I do not think music could just simply be divided by style or time period, do not even mention dissonant and consonant. Music is a diversification substance, which needed by diversity of audiences. I wrote music because I think music is a state of lifestyle, the one could influence people’s life in many ways. So this concert actually gave me a reason to keep my music going, also rebuilt up my hopes to music or more specifically, to my own music career. I think the future of classical music would be flourish in more diversity ways than present, and as a musician, I will not stopping to learn from it.