Sunday, April 24, 2016

About my final project

In the final project, I want to discuss several method I want to use to attract audience to embrace classical musicI would like to expound my ideal in following two steps:

1) In the first part, I will describe the embarrassing status of classical music in modern times. Our course named “the future of classical music”. That means classical music is facing terrible condition in our times. I will discuss what reason lead this condition. We can deal with this condition after we know the reason leading this condition.

2) In the second part, I will design two entry point learn from teaching artist program to help potential audiences to study musical knowledge. The first entry point I will focus on the mobile phone application program which is useful for adult who have spare time on public transport. The second entry point I will discuss the possibility of future plan. I mean we should provide basic music knowledge education when audiences are little boy/girl. I will discuss the research result from MIT group, whose result reveal the mechanism how our brain response to the music melody. This result is import for us to teach little boy/girl to study music knowledge effectively.