Sunday, April 24, 2016

An influential conversation

Last Thursday I went to Harvard University for a activities "A conversation with Placido Domingo".

This is the first time I saw a famous tenor who is the best one of the three tenors of the world. He looks younger than his actual age. He is very gentleman, also very humor. He chatted a lot of his views of the vocal music and his experience in the conversation.

Some stories of his life his was chatted. They talked about his Opera and his opinions about music. One of the host asked him, some people say that music can change the world, what do you think? He said, I don't think so, if music can change the world, everyone just go to singing! The audience laughed loudly.
I think this is a good question for us. Does Music can change the world?

I think, although music can not change the world directly, but can change the mind of people. Music can make people's soul purification. Beautiful music can make people full of love, make people feel more happiness and positively. As we all know, people can change the world. If music can change people, why not music can does? In other words, music can influence the world indirectly.

It's difficult to imagine a world without Music. People no longer to sing and play  musical instrument, no longer creative music. Even no more melody in this world. We can not express our emotion through the music anymore. How boring the world will be?

Music can not only improve a person's heart gradually but also can arouse people's emotion. Good music can also be a good change for us. Music is one of the most amazing thing in this world. We should spread more beautiful music and love.