Saturday, February 6, 2016

Music and Fashion

The collaboration of two creative industries, fashion and music, comes as no surprise. Both pop singers and musicians have a significant effect on fashion. By cooperating with brands, even working as guest designer for a season collection, or just establishing his or her own brand, just as the article mentioned that "It is in this avenue that the collaboration between designers, filmmakers, set designers and musicians is newest and most exciting."
In recent years, the most obvious manifestation of the collaborative spirit between fashion and music can be found during Catwalk shows. The collections being accompanied by music is nothing new. In most instances, the designers need to find the perfect music that has the power to convey the aesthetic of his work. Choosing the right music to fit a fashion show is not an easy feat, even a miniature fault could instantly ruin a show or experience for the audiences. Dior, for the modern fashion world, has been concerned not just a luxury but also a rich history and unlimited vitality legend. From the first day of Dior set up in Paris, with the continuous development and expansion by time fly, Dior has not stopped to create innovative works. From Christian Dior himself, Yves Saint Laurent and now John Galliano, this label has never lacked genius. When people hear the name Dior role off the bright red lips of a lady, they automatically think luxury, haute couture, and desire.

Aside from Dior, such a welcome change is effects other brands as well, even for the entire fashion circle, music has effects fashion in different ways and forms. Music almost inspires all of the imagination of human, and represents the different culture from different time period and space. In the mean time, music has brought about the creation of designer, so that fashion has become the epitome of the modern culture. Music and fashion, through the combination of themselves, produced an unique form of art. About the difference between them, I think they have more common ground than the difference, which is the love for beauty and the pursuing of freedom. In fact, the combination of fashion and music, the simplest understanding is that the interpretation of music is not an accurate presentation of the fashion, but rather like a mirror, through the mirror, they saw another their selves.

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