Sunday, February 28, 2016

In the midst of life we are in death

         “We live between contrasts,” Haas says, “between happiness and unhappiness, between pain and joyful feelings about desire and fulfilling.” Stark polarities are Haas’s thing. When I saw the title of an article called "Finding Beauty in Georg Friedrich Haas's Darkness", it recalled me some memories about this composer. When I first time have listened his masterwork "In vain", I was obsession with changing experiences of time, timbre, diversity pulse, microtonal tuning and dense harmonies. When the music had run through, it transforms the place where I stayed into a place of shuddering mystery. 
           Dark seem to means something to Haas. In an article of his interview, he suggesting that "the way of truth goes through the dark." He is deeply interested in the relationship between light and the aural sense, and so a number of his works have periods of complete darkness. It is a challenge to composer to find a springboard, which could transmitting life's event by emotional, and it's better be real, in other word, "authenticity". What kind of music could arouse one's feelings? This is the question that I keep asking myself every time before I start a new piece. I always become immersed in musical techniques and other parameters of music so that I forgot to focus on the very basic thing of music, like feelings. Nevertheless, every time I looked back and trying to improve my old pieces, it was hard. Each of them had their flaws. The thing is I could not picked up again the feelings of mine during the time I spend with in the process of composed. In this case, I mean, if the flaw is inevitable, I would rather it exist honestly and with feelings. From the article of his interview, he insists that "It is not important to please somebody. It is important to be honest. I am the audience. I am a human being. Those who listen are human beings. So if I can honestly love what I am doing, there will be somebody else who will love it, too." 

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