Monday, March 7, 2016

Why Pastiche Has Taken Over New Music

This was a very interesting article about how pretty much all new music is recognizable or a cross blend of different genres. The author makes a lot of points and provides evidence from the pop world to the "classical" world that composers/writers are using influences that can be instantly recognized by the audience. It doesn't seem like a bad thing at all, talking about how pastiche exists in every art form now a days, and that we are experiencing an "ideological shift."This all seems fine and just sort of expected, until the author brings up originality, specifically the "death" of it. I can't quite decide wether or not pastiche means the complete death of original writing..I feel that it definitely has its place, but I hope that we will see completely original works that won't be recognizable at all so that we can truly keep having new music brought into the world.