Monday, March 28, 2016

Reading via Longy Orchestra

Reading via Longy orchestra

 Last week I went to Pickman hall with my friend Shijia Zhan whom is current longy and she is a composer.
  They have four pieces and doing reading with orchestra. This is my first time come and see the reading. It's really new for me. There has four piece all composed by our current student. And I ask them what means reading? "It's like play the piece and see where need to change and where need exchange the idea and see if there are available to play. Also composer can here their piece via orchestra and check it "
  For me this is a really hard and has a lot of challenges. I just a listener sitting there and I can feel very nervous even i am not a composer .I don't need to answer any questions. And you need to know a lot of detail and skill for each instrument. And make it all possible.
  The other thing I think languages is really important. Not just the speaking skill. Like which word you pick up it's really important. You need to let people know which way you need to go. So this is really engage me.
  Composer it's really cool thing in the world!